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Why Choose Us?

 Alotastock Tactical OTF Knives have a wide variety of selection and special coatings. Affordable,Quality, Rock Solid OTF (Out The Front) Knives and accessories assembled in the U.S.A. :  Cerakote®, CandyKote, and Hydro-dip just to name a few. On our website you can customize your double action knife the way you want it, we build it and ship it to you for FREE. What makes our Alotastock Tactical OTF Knives impressive are their rugged non-corrosive stainless steel mechanism, high quality blades, super fast action, easy functionality, high quality appearance and lifetime warranty.

I bought a duel action OTF Knife for my son's Birthday. I am remarkably impressed with the action and quality of the knife so much that I am ordering one for myself now. Thanks!! Two thumbs up!

Matt Smith
Gen3 Multicam Digital

About Us

Our shop is based in Houston, Texas. We make quality reliable, everyday carry OTF knives that are Highly Trusted by field operators.

Our duel action off knives are safe for operating on a daily bases due to a built in safety system when retracted or deployed if anything is obstructing the path of the blade will not fully deploy. Once in "safety mode" the blade must be pulled back for resetting it back to normal functionality.


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